Spare parts – it is the original that counts!

GENESIS quality is more than just the sum of all the parts. And yet, every single component counts. It is therefore essential that genuine GENESIS spare parts are always used when repairs are necessary. This is the only way to ensure the continued maximum performance of your shears.

In addition to the excellent quality of the material, dimensional stability is crucial to the cutting performance of the shears. All GENESIS shears are machined again after heat treatment. This complex procedure ensures that the blade fits optimally into its seating.

Genuine GENESIS spare parts are marked with our logo for identification. All premium quality spare parts bear the GENESIS logo.

The exclusive use of genuine GENESIS spare parts therefore offers numerous benefits. They ensure that the shears can be used to their full potential and provide perfect cutting performance. Genuine spare parts ensure the ideal and precise fit of the blades and bolts. Top quality material minimises downtime and therefore consequential costs.

The GENESIS service team offers competent, individual advice and helps you to purchase spare parts in small quantities and with short delivery times.