4.2. Innovation-NEU2

Innovation – award winning and made by GENESIS

Our actions are determined by innovations. They are the motor and motivation for GENESIS in service of our customers.

GENESIS innovations frequently win awards. The GENESIS Razer X demolition multi shears, for example, won the World Demolition Summit Award 2019 in the “tools and attachments” category. The expert panel loved the product. The newly developed concept allows excavator operators to change the jaws of the shears in less than two minutes – without leaving their cab!

Top quality and easy handling – GENESIS have perfected this mixture.

Wear parts such as tooth plates can be turned or replaced on site without hassle because the large fastening bolts with replaceable alignment pins provide secure mounting. Inexpensive wear parts put calculations on a new footing.

A true GENESIS innovation: the double guide blade system. It allows the cutting gap between the piercing tip and guide blade to be adjusted independently of the rear cutting blades.

The AutoGuide system is another pioneering feature. A guide puck prevents the upper jaw from migrating during cutting to prevent the blade from touching the lower jaw.