Shears instead of flames

The German Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft 2017) define clear rules: Emissions from flame cutting have to be recorded as fully as possible and undergo waste gas cleaning. Flame cutting with conventional cutting torches should generally be avoided outdoors.

The alternative comes from GENESIS. A hydraulic excavator with GENESIS scrap shears meets the requirements of the TA Luft.

GENESIS shears offer not only ecological benefits – they are also miles ahead when it comes to economic efficiency.

A cost comparison proves this:

  • The use of a cutting torch costs 51 per cent more than cutting with shears.
  • Excavator attachment shears from GENESIS save a third of the costs of flame cutting.
  • This significantly reduces energy consumption.
  • Modern excavator equipment reduces emissions.

In addition, they offer significantly better protection for workers due to lower emissions and the emissions-protected design of the workplace.