Wear gauge

The wear on the blades has to be checked regularly to maintain the productivity of your shears. Regular maintenance is also indispensable for an optimum work process.

Reliably detect wear

With this gauge, we offer you a simple and convenient tool for quickly and reliably checking the wear and current condition of your shears. If the blades on your shears are excessively worn, this creates large gaps between the blades, which in turn can damage the shears. In addition, worn blades significantly decrease the productivity of the shears.

Easy handling

It is simply and intuitive to use and only requires little time. You can directly assess all important wear positions.

The wear gauge is positioned on the shears or blade depending on the measured area. Guide lines indicate the wear at the corresponding position.

An appropriate gauge is available for each GENESIS scrap shears.

Each wear gauge is supplied with short instructions so you can directly start using the gauge to assess the wear and condition of your shears.

The GENESIS wear gauge can be ordered from our service: