GSS subsea shears

1.7. GSS

GENESIS GSS - subsea shears

The GENESIS GSS subsea shears are pressure tested for use at depths down to 3,000 metres and are therefore ideal for dismantling platforms, pipelines or pile structures and for cutting steel under water.

High performance even under water

A lightweight that packs a punch! Despite its light weight, the GDS has tremendous cutting power thanks to the large hydraulic cylinders. The inverted installation offers ideal protection for the piston rod.


Efficient and suitable

The GSS allows for highly efficient working even under water because the optimised jaw geometry significantly increases productivity. The advantages of the integrated speed valve, which enables short cycle times during cutting, also have a positive impact on productivity.

Applications in a maritime environment require operation in any position.
This is made possible by special DNV approved crane lifting eyes on the sides of the shears. Water can drain easily through the openings on the top and bottom of the body of the shears, allowing for additional subsea functions.

Quality and corrosion protection

GENESIS stands for top quality even in subsea applications.

Like all GENESIS shears, the GSS is made of fine grained steel and is equipped with high quality, precision fit cutting blades with high-accuracy adjustment options.

All surfaces of the shears offer optimum corrosion protection thanks to a special primer and paint coat. Zinc anodes additionally provide galvanic corrosion protection.


Good service ensures high productivity

The GSS subsea shears also offer the option of using the cutting blades in four ways and the piercing tips can be replaced easily without welding. The inner workings of the shears are completely protected while easily accessible openings facilitate service work on the shears.

Highly passionate

These shears also meet a high standard of quality. Custom-made models are also available for maritime applications. You can assign these shears a name of your choosing.

Improved view of the items to be cut

Wear protection

Protects the basic structure against wear and damage

Piercing tip

Protects the face side against wear and damage

Guide blades

Double guide blade system

Jaw geometry

Higher cutting forces precisely where the most material is cut

Weight reduction

Consistent weight reduction for a unique power to weight ratio

Speed valve

Extends the service life of the hydraulic hoses and connections

Rotating joint

Continuous 360° rotation

Rotating joint

Continuous 360° rotation
  • 1

    Pressure tested

    for working depths down to 3,000 metres

  • 2

    Corrosion protection paint

    for optimum protection in maritime conditions

  • 3

    Surfaces coated with Xylan®

  • 4

    Zinc anodes

    for galvanic corrosion protection

  • 5

    Large openings

    for easy draining

  • 6

    Bearing points

    sealed and with easy lubrication access for a long service life

  • 7

    The AutoGuide

    facilitates guiding of the upper jaw; easy adjustment for precision work

  • 8

    The main shaft

    in a heavy duty version with corrosion protection. The main shaft is protected by the shears frame.

  • 9

    The lifting points

    DNV approved crane lifting points for suspension and operation in any position

Technical data

GSS 660 6.050 14.460 813 813
GSS 2500 18.600 29.430 1.168 1220