GRX demolition multi shears


GENESIS Razer X – demolition multi shears

Premiering in Europe: The Razer X demolition multi shears are tailored to the specific requirements of the demolition and recycling industry. The multi-purpose shears feature three jaw variants which can be changed in less than two minutes – without additional help and while the excavator operator remains in the cab. The user friendly multi shears are available for excavators up to 41 tons.

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Triple the power

One shears – three sets of jaws. One set of crushing jaws, one pulveriser and one set of scrap shear jaws offer a wide range of applications. The dedicated main bearing ensures maximum cutting and crushing force.

Triple the power
Fast and flexible

Fast and flexible

Time is money. That is why no time should be wasted when jaws are changed. The three sets of jaws can be changed quickly, easily and without additional help. The excavator operator can remain seated in the cab. Just 120 seconds and the new application can start.
Another advantage: the unrestricted continuous 360 degree rotation

Quality and precision

Quality that you can rely on! The entire hydraulic system is protected inside the enclosed shear body. High strength fine grained steel makes no compromises and ensures tremendous strength at maximum flexibility. Precision fit, top quality cutting blades can be adjusted with high accuracy to ensure small cutting gaps and precise cuts. The double guide blade system allows the gap between the piercing tip and guide blade to be set independently of the adjustment of the cutting blades. This results in precise cuts and low wear on the shears and carrier unit.

Quality and precision
Passion without compromises

Passion without compromises

Quality without compromises is our top priority, and we are highly passionate about this. That is why accept only the highest quality standards. On request, we can also supply individual custom models. And you can also choose a custom name for your shears.

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Improved view of the items to be cut

Wear protection

Protects the basic structure against wear and damage

Piercing tip

Protects the face side against wear and damage

Guide blades

Double guide blade system

Jaw geometry

Higher cutting forces precisely where the most material is cut

Weight reduction

Consistent weight reduction for a unique power to weight ratio

Speed valve

Extends the service life of the hydraulic hoses and connections

Rotating joint

Infinite 360° rotation
  • 1

    Frame structure

    The low height of the shears combined with the full stability of the frame structure improve the view of the material to be processed.

  • 2

    Wear protection

    The welded wear protection above the piercing tips protects the basic structure of the upper jaw against wear and damage.

  • 3

    Piercing tip

    Two-piece piercing tip with threaded connection provides optimum protection against wear and damage for the face side of the upper jaw.

  • 4

    Guide blades

    The double guide blade system allows adjustment of the guide blades to the piercing tips on both sides, independently of the cutting blades.

  • 5

    Jaw geometry

    The optimised shape of the jaws move the apex closer to the main shaft. This means that higher cutting forces are available precisely where the most material is cut.

  • 6

    Weight reduction

    Consistent weight reduction and an optimised centre of gravity produce a unique power to weight ratio. In some cases, GXT shears can be installed on smaller carrier units to reduce investment and maintenance costs.

  • 7

    Speed valve

    The separate speed valve suspension reduces movement of the hydraulic hoses and tension on the hydraulic connections of the speed valve and the rotary union and extends the service life of the hydraulic hoses and connections.

  • 8

    Rotary joint

    Maximum flexibility! Continuous 360° rotation and oversized – ensuring optimum absorption of the forces

Technical data

Technical drawing GRX
GRX 195 Scrap Shear 2.132 150 - 230 457 457 2.667 20
GRX 195 Pulverizer 2.268 150 - 230 737 660 2.667 20
GRX 195 Concrete Cracker 2.268 150 - 230 762 762 2.667 20
GRX 295 Scrap Shear 2.800 230 - 380 508 508 2.844 30
GRX 295 Pulverizer 2.950 230 - 380 965 762 2.844 30
GRX 295 Concrete Cracker 2.900 230 - 380 965 813 2.844 30
GRX 395 Scrap Shear 4.310 300 - 380 609 648 2.946 40
GRX 395 Pulverizer 4.989 300 - 380 1.143 914 3.048 40
GRX 395 Concrete Cracker 4.450 300 - 380 1.143 1.067 3.048 40