Steel demolition

That is a job for specialists. In particular when it comes to the demolition of steel structures, no compromises should be made. Experts are required – professionals like the GENESIS special purpose tools from the GXT and GRX scrap shears series. After all, proper demolition is the basis for high quality recycling.

Steel demolition – primary

The demolition of steel structures, for example with long front applications, requires special attachments with a specific quality. The benefits for steel demolition with GENESIS scrap shears are obvious here: Absolute flexibility and the full force concentrated in shorter, lighter shears are the crucial parameters.

Steel demolition – secondary

To ensure the proper further recycling process, dismantled steel structures have to be broken up further. GENESIS scrap shears are ideal for this purpose. Efficient, extremely powerful and reliable – they do not tolerate any resistance. The low weight of the shears compared to their extraordinarily high power is another outstanding factor.