Demolition – an industry in motion

Demolition is also a departure. Before substances can be reintroduced into the materials cycle, they have to be sorted, recorded and recycled. Demolition equipment and the demolition industry have undergone fundamental changes in recent years. GENESIS shears have had a crucial influence on this development into a high-tech industry sector with very high quality requirements. The shears can be utilised quickly and flexibly, allowing project requirements to be implemented in the best possible way. Because you can always rely on GENESIS technology.

Concrete demolition

Before materials are returned to the cycle, they must be separated, collected and recycled according to type. Flexibility and a large range are required on site. GENESIS shears play out their advantages here.

Demolition Shear GDT

Steel demolition

This is a task for specialists. Especially when it comes to demolition and dismantling of steel structures, no compromises should be made. Experts are needed, professionals like the GENESIS special tools of the scrap shear series GXT and GRX.