GXT scrap shears


GENESIS XT - scrap shears

The mobile scrap shears for everyday use. Powerful, efficient and precise, Premium quality in terms of workmanship and materials, adaptable for all carrier unit categories. You can rely on the GXT to keep the promise in daily use that we are making today. We call it THE PROMISE OF PERFORMANCE.


This latest generation of scrap shears impress with their ideal ratio between shear weight and cutting force thanks to the large hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic cylinder with inverse mounting allows for a shorter design of the shears, which reduces the overall weight of the shears and optimises their centre of gravity. This allows powerful shears to be combined even with small carrier units.


Efficient and precise

The optimised jaw geometry increases productivity. The short cutting blades shift the apex closer to the main shaft, significantly increasing the cutting force.  This means that more material can be cut in a short time period. That is your advantage!

The unrestricted 360 degree rotation of the shears allow for fast and accurate positioning. The speed valve reduces the time for opening and closing of the shears for shorter cycle times.

High quality and precision

Premium quality starts with the materials used. High quality fine grained steel delivers high strength with maximum flexibility.

The top quality cutting blades ensure precision and an accurate fit. As they can be adjusted with great accuracy, the GENESIS XT can deliver precision cuts.

The double guide blade system allows the gap between the piercing tip and guide blade to be set independently of the positioning of the cutting blade. This results in precision cuts and lower transverse forces, reducing the strain on the shears and the carrier unit.


Easy maintenance

We think ahead. That includes the time after the sale has been completed. Because the easier the maintenance is, the higher your productivity will be. This is ensured with bolted-on blades that can be replaced easily without welding. In addition, the cutting and guide blades can be used in four orientations. The well protected inner workings of the shears can be accessed quickly through the large maintenance openings with simple covers.

Highly passionate

We guarantee top quality – with a passion! The individual consultations from our sales team ensure that you receive solutions which are tailored to your requirements and wishes. Even highly individual modifications are possible. Your wish is our order, which we implement with full commitment and great passion for the product. And: All shears are assigned a name. Chosen by you.

Schrottschere GXT seitliche Nahaufnahme freigestellt
Improved view of the items to be cut

Wear protection

Protects the basic structure against wear and damage

Piercing tip

Protects the face side against wear and damage

Guide blades

Double guide blade system

Jaw geometry

Higher cutting forces precisely where the most material is cut

Weight reduction

Consistent weight reduction for a unique power to weight ratio

Speed valve

Extends the service life of the hydraulic hoses and connections

Rotating joint

Continuous 360° rotation
  • 1

    Frame structure

    The low height of the shears combined with the full stability of the frame structure improve the view of the material to be processed.

  • 2

    Wear protection

    The welded wear protection above the piercing tips protects the basic structure of the upper jaw against wear and damage.

  • 3

    Piercing tip

    Two-piece piercing tip with threaded connection provides optimum protection against wear and damage for the face side of the upper jaw.

  • 4

    Guide blades

    The double guide blade system allows adjustment of the guide blades to the piercing tips on both sides, independently of the cutting blades.

  • 5

    Jaw geometry

    The optimised shape of the jaws move the apex closer to the main shaft. This means that higher cutting forces are available precisely where the most material is cut.

  • 6

    Weight reduction

    Consistent weight reduction and an optimised centre of gravity produce a unique power to weight ratio. In some cases, GXT shears can be installed on smaller carrier units to reduce investment and maintenance costs.

  • 7

    Speed valve

    The separate speed valve suspension reduces movement of the hydraulic hoses and tension on the hydraulic connections of the speed valve and the rotary union, extending the service life of the hydraulic hoses and connections.

  • 8

    Rotary joint

    Maximum flexibility! Continuous 360° rotation and oversized – ensuring optimum absorption of the forces

Technical data

 GXT scrap shears technical drawing new
GXT 115R 1.600 100 - 180 406 457 2.500 8 - 14 14 - 21
GXT 225R 2.400 150 - 230 457 508 2.900 14 - 21 21 - 32
GXT 335R 3.200 230 - 390 584 660 3.200 18 - 25 26 - 37
GXT 445R 4.700 300 - 500 711 711 3.500 25 - 35 36 - 50
GXT 555R 5.600 340 - 570 762 762 3.800 31 - 50 45 - 65
GXT 665R 6.400 345 - 590 813 813 4.000 33 - 63 58 - 78
GXT 775R 7.800 390 - 600 889 940 4.600 39 - 72 67 - 84
GXT 995R 8.900 440 - 615 991 1.067 5.000 45 - 80 78 - 90
GXT 1555R 12.100 615 - 860 1.118 1.168 6.000 68 - 120 115 - 135
GXT 2055R 16.400 850 - 1.200 1.219 1.270 6.600 upon request upon request
GXT 2555R 25.600 925 - 1.200 1.372 1.422 7.000* upon request upon request