Scrap Shears GXP - 

The optimum solution for all applications

A perfect synthesis of performance and cost-effectiveness. With GENESIS XP scrap shears, you benefit from maximum power in work applications, fast cutting cycles for high cost effectiveness and minimum maintenance costs. GENESIS XP scrap shears are characterised by the high quality of their materials, solutions which are intelligent in every detail, and maximum care during the manufacturing process.

You can be sure that in the tough reality of everyday work, GENESIS XP scrap shears keep the promise that we make to you today: capability you can rely on.

The Sum of Impressive Features

1. The Main Pivot

Extra strong, heavy-duty pivot. The main pivot is protected by the superstructure frame.

2. The Piercing Tip

Patented bolt-on piercing tip eliminates welding and is replaced in minutes.

3. The Cutting Blades

For maximum cutting power! Four identical cutting blades are four-times usable with four cutting edges per blade.

4. The Front Razor Blade

Minimises maintenance requirements. Four-times usable, eliminates wear inside the lower jaw.

5. The Guide Blades

Maximises operating times. Innovative dual guide-blade system: the guide blades
can be shimmed to the XP piercing tip on both sides and are four-times usable.

6. The Cylinder

For maximum user friendliness. Large-bore cylinder, completely protected by the superstructure and still easy to access.

7. The Regeneration Valve

For shorter cutting cycles. Developed by GENESIS for more cutting performance per hour.

8. The Slewing Ring

For maximum flexibility. 360° continuously rotating slewing ring is oversized to ensure optimum force distribution.

9. The Autoguide

Makes it easier to guide the upper jaw. Easy to shim.

10. The Body

Closed frame construction protects cylinder completely during cutting cycle! The mixture of Hardox and Weldox materials offers maximum stability and resistance to wear.

  1. All GENESIS scrap shears can be continuously rotated through 360°.
  2. All GENESIS scrap shears (excepting GXP 2500R) are manufactured with a hole pattern. Mounting plates are not included.
    Various models are available upon request.
  3. All GENESIS scrap shears are covered by an 18 month warranty on the superstructure and a 12 month warranty on all hydraulic components.
  4. GXP 200 and 300 shears have a single guide blade system.
  5. The excavator weight classes given above are standard values. In specific cases, please contact the excavator manufacturer.

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