Scrap Shears GXT - 

The eXTra productivity!

The Genesis XT mobile shear is the industry’s next generation shear designed to process scrap more efficiently and fit on smaller carriers, reducing initial acquisition investments and hourly energy consumption costs.
Shorter in length and height and lighter in weight, the GXT is a scrap shear and demolition shear that features a center of gravity that is closer to the excavator, enabling models to mount on excavators that previously could only carry smaller, less powerful shears.

You can be sure that in the tough reality of everyday work, GENESIS XT scrap shears keep the promise that we make to you today: capability you can rely on. We call it: THE PROMISE OF PERFORMANCE.

The "cut-set" of innovations

1. The Frame Construction

Lower shear height improves visibility while providing superior rigidity and structural integrity.

2. The Steel Rhino Horn

Weld-on, replaceable, highly abrasion resistant steel rhino horn protects front of upper jaw, reduces need to build-up.

3. The Piercing Tip

Bolt-on piercing tip encapsulates front of upper jaw, protects tang, reduces wear, damage and need to build-up.

4. The Guide Blades

Dual guide blade length matches piercing tip length enabling blades to be shimmed independently to accommodate piercing tip wear.

5. The Jaw Geometry

Short primary cutting blades position apex closer to the rear of the jaws for greater cutting force on most models.

6. The Performance Weight

Shorter, lighter shear with center of gravity closer to the excavator enables most models to be mounted on a smaller size carrier for lower initial investment and operating costs.

7. The Regeneration Valve

Remote-mounted hydraulic regeneration valve produces less hose movement and stress on regen and swivel, extending hose, regen and swivel life.

8. The Slewing Ring

For maximum flexibility. 360° continuously rotating slewing ring is oversized to ensure optimum force distribution.

Technical Data

GXT 225R

  • Weight (kg): 2.400
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 457
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 516
  • Length C (mm): 2.975
  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 14
  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 23

GXT 335R

  • Weight (kg): 3.200
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 607
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 653
  • Length C (mm): 3.300
  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 17
  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 36

GXT 445R

  • Weight (kg): 4.600
  • Max. Oil Flow (l/min): 420
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 712
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 723
  • Length C (mm): 3.600
  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 22
  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 41

GXT 555R

  • Weight (kg): 5.600
  • Max. Oil Flow (l/min): 490
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 771
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 752
  • Length C (mm): 3.900
  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 25
  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 50

GXT 665R

  • Weight (kg): 6.400
  • Max. Oil Flow (l/min): 590
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 788
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 809
  • Length C (mm): 4.200
  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 31
  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 54

GXT 775R

  • Weight (kg): 7.800
  • Max. Oil Flow (l/min): 750
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 890
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 944
  • Length C (mm): 4.700
  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 36
  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 68

GXT 995R

  • Weight (kg): 8.900
  • Max. Oil Flow (l/min): 900
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 991
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 1.064
  • Length C (mm): 5.000
  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 45
  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 82
  1. All GENESIS scrap shears can be continuously rotated through 360°.
  2. Excavator mounting is not included.
  3. All GENESIS scrap shears are covered by an 18 month warranty on the superstructure and a 12 month warranty on all hydraulic components.
  4. The excavator weight classes given above are guideline values. In specific cases, please contact the excavator manufacturer.

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