Demolition Multi Shear GVP 07 - 

The all-round performer for all steel demolition situations:

A perfect synthesis of performance and cost-effectiveness. GENESIS demolition shears allow you to perform all your demolition tasks with confidence. The three jaw types – concrete cracker, scrap shear, wire cutters – open up a wide range of applications in the fields of demolition, scrap processing, recycling and cable recycling. The jaws can be exchanged in a matter of minutes, thanks to the quick-change jaw mounting. The specific positioning of the main bearing maximises the cutting and breaking force. The exclusive use of high-quality components maximises reliability while minimising maintenance requirements.

You can be sure that in the tough reality of everyday work, GENESIS VersiPro demolition shears keep the promise that we make to you today: capability
you can rely on.

The Sum of Impressive Features

1. The piercing tip

Weld-on, exchangeable piercing tip for scrap processing!

2. The cutting blades

For optimum cutting performance! The four identical cutting blades on the upper and lower jaws are four-times usable with four cutting edges per blade!

3. The guide blades

The unique dual guide-blade system can be shimmed to the piercing tip on both sides, independently of the cutting blades. The guide blades are also four-times usable.

4. The main shaft

Each jaw set is designed to maintain its own HD main pivot group and pin positioning . This enables optimum force progression for each application. The pin connections allow safe jaw change-out in less than ten minutes, without the need for special tools!

5. The pin connection

Removable lower jaw set pin connection makes jaw changing easy and safe in the field using standard tools. Just remove the bolt and pull the pin.

6. The Quality of Materials

High-strength and abrasion-resistant steel body for maximum performance and
service life.

7. The Mounting Unit

Rotates continuously through 360°; available both for skid steer loaders and mini excavators.

8. The Hydraulic Components

All hydraulic components are fully and neatly protected inside mounting bracket with large access holes.

9. The Cylinder Connection Pin

Easy to handle and can be removed manually.

Cracker Jaw

1. The Cracker Teeth

Abrasion-resistant tooth profile improves concrete processing!

2. The Lower Jaw

Practical and efficient. Open relief design allows broken material to pass unhindered through the lower jaw for easy further processing.

Wire Cutter

1. The Blades

Made of high-grade, fine-grain steel. The two identical bolted-on blades can be resharpend many times

2. The Blade Geometry

For reliably clean cuts!

3. The Small Blade Clearance

Also cuts small-diameter wire. Easy to adjust.

Technical Data

GVP 07 with Scrap Shear

  • Weight (kg): 624
  • Max. Cutting Force  (kN): 1.572
  • Oil Flow (l/min): 95
  • Jaw opening A (mm): 292
  • Jaw depth B (mm): 292
  • Length C (mm): 1.676
  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 5
  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 7

GVP 07 with Cracker Jaw

  • Weight(kg): 628
  • Max. Closing Force (kN): 709
  • Oil Flow (l/min): 95
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 368
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 330
  • Length C (mm): 1.727
  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 5
  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 7

GVP 07 with Wire Cutter

  • Weight (kg): 564
  • Max. Closing Force (kN): *351
  • Oil Flow (l/min): 95
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 270
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 290
  • Length C (mm): 1.800
  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 5
  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 7
  1. Operating pressure of Shear Jaw and Cracker Jaw: 250 bar.
  2. *Operating pressure of Wire Cutter: 120 bar.
  3. GENESIS VersiPro Multi Processors are covered by a 12 month warranty.
  4. The GENESIS VersiPro is available for attaching to skid steer loaders and mini-excavators.
  5. GENESIS VersiPro is available with one, two or more different jaw sets.

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