The Sum of Impressive Features

1. Pressure Tested

to operate at depths down to 3.000 Meter.

2. Anti-Corrosion Primer and Paint

 for supreme protection in harsh marine environments.

3. Xylan® Anti-Corrosion Coating

 for fasteners and critical surfaces.

4. Zinc Anodes

for galvanic corrosion protection.

5. Holes For Easy Draining



6. Sealed, Greaseable Pivot Points



7. Auto Guide Systems

Exclusive easy to shim AutoGuide system helps maintain blade tolerances by off-setting jaw deflection

8. Heavy-Duty Pivot Design

protected by an anticorrosion coating provides structural strength and long-term durability.

9. DNV-Approved Rigging

to hang and operate in any position while suspended by a cable crane.

Technical Data

GSS 660

  • Weight (kg): 6.050
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 813
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 814
  • Max. Cutting Force (kN): 14.460

GSS 2500

  • Weight (kg): 18.600
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 1.168
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 1.220
  • Max. Cutting Force (kN): 29.430
  1. GENESIS Sub Sea Shears are covered by a 12-month warranty.
  2. Forces meassured at 5.500 psi

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