Demolition Shear LXP - 

Your reliable partner when it comes to the crunch.

Performance and efficiency in perfect harmony. All three jaw sets of the GENESIS LXP - the cracker, pulverizer and scrap shears – allow you to cope with every task with the minimum of fuss. GENESIS combines versatility with pure power: the innovative positioning of the main bearing maximises the
cracking and cutting force for each jaw set. Best reliability and low maintenance requirements are guaranteed owing to the exclusive use of top quality components. The quick-change connection system means that each jaw set can be changed within minutes reducing downtimes by hours!

You can rely on a GENESIS LXP to keep the promise we give you every single day: reliable performance. We call this THE PROMISE OF PERFORMANCE.

The Sum of Impressive Features

1. The Main Shaft

is individually positioned for every jaw set! As a result every jaw set has the maximum power where it is needed for the application!

An innovation from GENESIS. – Every GENESIS LXP jaw set forms a closed unit including its own pivot group. The benefit: no more tedious manual and dangerous removal and refitting of the main shaft!

2. The Cutting Blades

cut economically! Thanks to its four cutting edges, it is not only used fourfold, it can be changed simply and quickly because it is bolted in rather than welded!

3. The Cracker Teeth

break down any material resistance! At the same time, they completely enclose the seat of the teeth protecting it from wear. The fact that the teeth are bolted on rather than welded means that the teeth can be exchanged easily.

4. The Lock Pin

is hydraulic – this guarantees faster changing of the jaw sets compared to mechanical variants!

5. The Hydraulics

All hydraulic components are contained inside the body of the shear. The speed valves ensure the fastest possible cycle times and therefore maximum productivity. Furthermore, they are already set ex-works and do not need to be readjusted.

6. The Cylinder Pin

can be simply removed by hand when changing the jaw! The jaw change process is very smooth thanks to the hydraulic quick-change connection which makes every GENESIS jaw change a matter of minutes rather than hours.

1. The Main Shaft

the main shaft and the jaw form one unit thereby saving you the tedious task of manually removing and refitting the main shaft!

2. The Set of Teeth

single-part and bolted on allowing easy replacement on the building site!
Tedious welding of replacement teeth is therefore a thing of the past. A complete GENESIS LXP set of teeth does away with problems like wear and tolerance conflicts.

3. The Design of The Teeth

developed to cope with all demolition tasks, they maximise the crushing power and easily separate concrete from the armouring!

4. The Pulversizer Teeth

highly durable and therefore extremely wear resistant! Welding is a thing of the past.

1. The Piercing Tip

simple and easy to change! Bolted instead of welded! Carry on working in just
few minutes!

2. The Dual Guide Blade System:

extremely practical! It can be set on the tip blade on both sides of the lower jaw. The two identical guide blades have four cutting edges and are therefore four times useable

Technical Data

LXP 200

  • Weight (kg):
    Pulverizer: 2.550  ⁄  Shear: 2.450  ⁄   Cracker: 2.550

  • Jaw Opening A (mm):
    Pulverizer: 737  ⁄  Shear: 432  ⁄  Cracker: 965

  • Jaw Depth B (mm):
    Pulverizer: 711  ⁄  Shear: 483  ⁄  Cracker: 711

  • Length C (mm):
    Pulverizer: 2.452  ⁄  Shear: 2.515  ⁄  Cracker: 2.488

  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 13

  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 21

LXP 300

  • Weight (kg):
    Pulverizer: 3.300  ⁄  Shear: 3.400  ⁄  Cracker: 3.300

  • Jaw opening A (mm):
    Pulverizer: 889  ⁄  Shear: 559  ⁄  Cracker: 1.092

  • Jaw Depth B (mm):
    Pulverizer: 660  ⁄  Shear: 610  ⁄  Cracker: 724

  • Length C (mm):
    Pulverizer: 2.600  ⁄  Shear: 2.800  ⁄  Cracker: 2.600

  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 20

  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 32

LXP 400

  • Weight (kg):
    Pulverizer: 5.100  ⁄  Shear: 5.000  ⁄  Cracker: 5.000

  • Maulöffnung A (mm):
    Pulverizer: 965  ⁄  Shear: 610  ⁄  Cracker: 1.194

  • Maultiefe B (mm):
    Pulverizer: 762  ⁄  Shear: 686  ⁄  Cracker: 813

  • Länge C (mm):
    Pulverizer: 2.900  ⁄  Shear: 3.000  ⁄  Cracker: 2.900

  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 27

  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 45

LXP 500

  • Weight (kg):
    Pulverizer: 5.800  ⁄  Shear: 5.900  ⁄  Cracker: 5.800

  • Jaw Opening A (mm):
    Pulverizer: 1.092  ⁄  Shear: 686  ⁄  Cracker: 1.295

  • Jaw Depth B (mm):
    Pulverizer: 787  ⁄  Shear: 711  ⁄  Cracker: 851

  • Länge C (mm):
    Pulverizer: 3.000  ⁄  Shear: 3.100  ⁄  Cracker: 3.000

  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 32

  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 54

LXP 800

  • Weight (kg):
    Pulverizer: 7.900  ⁄  Shear: 7.900  ⁄  Cracker: 7.900

  • Jaw opening A (mm):
    Pulverizer: 1.549  ⁄  Shear: 1.016  ⁄  Cracker: 1.800

  • Jaw Depth B (mm):
    Pulverizer: 991  ⁄  Shear: 889  ⁄  Cracker: 1.270

  • Length C (mm):
    Pulverizer: 3.550  ⁄  Shear: 3.550  ⁄  Cracker: 3.550

  • Excavator Weight Boom Mounted (t): 41

  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 61
  1. All GENESIS demolition shears can be continuously rotated through 360°.
  2. All GENESIS demolition shears are manufactured with hole pattern without mounting plate. Various models are available upon request.
  3. All GENESIS demolition shears are covered by a 12 month warranty on the superstructure and on all hydraulic components.

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