Demolition shear GDT Razor - 

The Lighter Demolition Heavyweight

The GDT Razer, designed to increase the efficiency on the demolition site even further. The consistent weight reduction and the optimized the center of gravity ensure stable mounting especially in high reach applications. The GDT also convinces through the high flexibility with crusher teeth, customizable in number and location to meet the needs of each individual project. The geometry of the cutting blades draws the material deeper into the jaw, for greater productivity in cutting metals.

You can be sure that in the tough reality of everyday work, GENESIS GDT Razor shears keep the promise that we make to you today: capability you can rely on.

The Sum of Impressive Features

1. Crushing teeth

Low-cost, reversible, long-life crushing teeth are quickly and easily replaced, eliminating build-up.

2. The cutting blades

4-way indexable cutting blades feature an apex that draws material deeper into the jaw for more efficient cutting.

3. The crushing teeth

Easy-to-change crushing teeth are available in several configurations to maximize performance in any application.

4. The Lower Jaw

Open lower jaw allows material being processed to easily pass through, preventing jamming.

5. The Light tool Weight

Lighter weight ensures stable mounting on today’s excavators and specialty high-reach machines.

6. The Rotation Unit

Short, flat-top head with bolt-on bracket shortens the center of gravity while making it easy to mount on different carriers.

7. The Cylinder

Cylinder is reverse-mounted to protect from debris.







Technical Data

GDT 190

  • Weight (kg): 2.040
  • Oil Flow (l/min): 150 - 225
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 838
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 787
  • Length C (mm): 2.217
  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 20

GDT 290

  • Weight (kg): 2.940
  • Oil Flow (l/min): 225 - 380
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 990
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 1.066
  • Length C (mm): 2.564
  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 30

GDT 390

  • Weight (kg): 4.170
  • Oil Flow (l/min): 300 - 380
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 1.168
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 1.143
  • Length C (mm): 2.956
  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 41

GDT 590

  • Weight (kg): 6.850
  • Oil Flow (l/min): 300 - 750
  • Jaw Opening A (mm): 1.321
  • Jaw Depth B (mm): 1.181
  • Length C (mm): 3.489
  • Excavator Weight Stick Mounted (t): 54
  1. All GENESIS Demolition Recyclers can be continuously rotated through 360°.
  2. All GENESIS Demolition Recyclers are manufactured with a hole pattern. Mounting plates not included: various models available upon request.
  3. GENESIS Demolition Recyclers are covered by a 12 month warranty.

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